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Explore Madrid and Toledo

Madrid and Toledo tour : The heart of España

In May 2022, I did a little new City-trip, in the capital of Spain : Madrid.

Madrid tour: modernity, art and culture

There is a lot to do there, here is what we did during these few days:

  • discovery of the city, very surprising for the first time:
  • varied architecture, huge buildings with statues at the top, very lively giant squares… and even an Egyptian temple from the 2nd century BC right in the city…
  • visit of the Royal Palace (2 weeks after the one in Amsterdam, not at all the same style… we are not in sobriety…)
  • passage to the Prado Museum to admire the Velasquez (especially Las Meninas), Goya … and to the Museo de la Reina Sofia for more modern art with the Dalí and especially Guernica by Picasso
  • immersion in chocolate shops in the morning (chocolate con churros) and tapas bars in the evening … not very dietetic but a lot of walking it digs

And here are my most beautiful photos taken during these different visits.

Tour of Toledo: Centuries of History

Very well advised, we decided to visit the city of Toledo (or Toledo), located 65km from Madrid.

Romans, then Visigoths, Arabs, Jews and Christians sculpted this city over the centuries… so we find influences from these cultures throughout the visit.

It really is a city to visit if you are in Madrid and have the time to venture outside for a day. You will be able to appreciate the great contrast with the city of Madrid: its modernity and its effervescence.

Here are my most beautiful photos taken in Toledo.