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Explore Washington

Washington D.C. Day Tour

During my stay in New York in November 2021, I was able to visit the capital of the United States, Washington D.C.

To get there from New York, there are numerous daily train departures from Pennsylvania Station (Penn Station).

Prices vary greatly depending on the schedule. The trains are very comfortable, they are those of the Amtrak company.

The trip takes about 3 hours. Given the very early hour at which you will have to leave, you will probably sleep! And given the day you will spend there, you will also sleep on the way back 🙂

We find in Washington D.C of course the high places of power of the USA: White House, the Capitol, the Supreme Court… countless “memorials” (Founding Fathers, former presidents, wars…), and museums (all free).

All this grouped together in the National Mall, a giant esplanade (25km on foot today… to cover part of it).

It was particularly uncrowded, as Thanksgiving Day.

Here is the itinerary for the day. Google Maps indicates 13.5 km, but in fact we did a little more (about twenty).

Here are the photos taken during this little journey! You will therefore find photos of the main monuments of the Mall, some Memorials (I added the Martin Luther Kink memorial, which is on the way but which we missed).

You will see some photos of the three museums visited: the National Air and Space museum, the National Gallery of Art and the Smithsonian Institution (FUTURES exhibition).